Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine Paper doll DIY cards! :)

Ok these are fun. I have two different types you can download. First some colored mermaids so all you need to do is print, cut, and assemble. Then a set of black and white mermaids where you color them yourself to make them just what you want.

Comes with two dolls, a red tailed mermaid and a pink tailed mermaid.
 Each mermaid has a full colored page with 4 dolls on it.
 The Red Tailed doll assembled.
 Cutting out the Pink Tailed doll. 

The dolls come 4 mermaids to a page. 2 different mermaids to color. 
 Coloring the dolls.
 Everything you will need to complete the dolls.
You can customize these any way you want. 

This is perfect for Valentine's Day. You can write something sweet, funny, or romantic on the hearts for your loved ones. These would even be fun as a gift for a birthday, or wedding favors customized in your colors. So many fun things you can do, just let your imagination run wild.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wooden Wall Hangings, and Fridge Magnet Mermaid Paper Dolls.

Today I listed a few more mermaid items. It's nearing the end of the January Mermaids I created. I know I'm going to do another project like this again. I'm thinking in March but with the topic of Steampunk or Gothic Fat Girls. We don't see enough of either of those I don't think. Let me know if you have any ideas of a theme you'd like to see.

 Jade Green Tailed Mermaid magnet set. 

 Fuchsia Hot Pink Tailed Mermaid magnet set.

 Soft Baby Blue Tailed Mermaid Magnet Set.
Ruby Red Tailed Mermaid Magnet set.

 Topaz Yellow Tailed Mermaid Magnet set.

 Serene Mermaid wooden wall hanging 4x4 inches.

Mermaid and Fishies wooden wall hanging 4x4 inches.

These are all listed in the January Mermaids section of my Lady at Large Etsy store. Keep watch for more mermaid items to be listed in the next few days.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Paper Doll Mermaid 11.5 inches now listed on Etsy.

This mermaid was so fun to make. I love making paper doll figures. She is  pen and ink, watercolor, micro glitter inks, on 140lb watercolor paper. All joined together with mini brads in black.

 She has ten different joints so can be posed a variety of ways. 

 Closer view of her face and hair. 

 Full length picture of her.

She would look nice framed as well. :) 

She's listed right now in my Etsy store Lady at Large in the January Mermaids section. Take a look to see the other mermaids I created in January as I list more daily.

Four more mermaid paintings listed on my Etsy store.

Today I listed more of my January Mermaids. 

 4x6 Gold Mermaid on the Beach.

 2x6 bookmark Mermaid and Koi. 

2.5x2.5 ACEO Mermaid relaxing on the beach.

2.5x3.5 ACEO Gold Mermaid and fish pals. 

These are all listed in the 'January Mermaids' section of my Etsy Store Lady at Large. Click and take a look at all the different mermaids I created. I will be listing more mermaids every day. :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

I listed some new January mermaid paintings in my Etsy store

I've listed some of the watercolor paintings that I created during my January Mermaid Project.
 2x2 inch watercolor painting.

 3x3 inch watercolor painting.

 3.25x2 inch watercolor painting.

 3.5x2 inch watercolor painting.

 2x6 watercolor bookmark.

4x6 watercolor painting.

I have listed these in the January Mermaids section of Etsy take a look to see all the different types of mermaid art. I will be listing more each day.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I started posting my January Mermaids today!

So after all the crazy mermaid creating of January now is the listing...I listed 8 mermaids onto my etsy store. 

 An 11.5 inch articulated Mermaid Paper Doll.

A felt mermaid wallet/change purse.

6 little felt mermaid brooches. 

I will continue to list other mermaids this week until I get all 31 listed. Keep checking back for more. Here is a link to the January Mermaid's section of Lady at Large Etsy store.