Saturday, September 28, 2013

ODD MALL, has come and gone.

The ladies helped me pack for the show the night before. So helpful. They are sad now that all the art boxes and suitcases are put away and no more lounging.
I was up until 2:30am the night before putting clear coat on some journals I made, and finishing last minute signage. Then I had to get up again at 6:30am, yeah, not a morning person! But, I was all packed up and ready to go by the time Steph and Elise arrived. Except somehow I made it out of the house without my cane (my mom came later and brought me a nice decorative one from her house).

More or less how the table looked. For some reason it appears I took zero pictures of my booth at odd mall on the day of. So here is what it looked like when I did a 'dry run' the week before. We had a banner on the day.
Left Side
Right Side

Part of my booth from sitting behind it. Yes this is as close as I got to taking pictures of it. You can see a portion of it on the left.

Across from us. There was some amazing and strange, and amazingly strange art at the show. It was unlike any art show I've attended. Usually it's tole painted birdhouses as far as the eye can see. Not that tole painted bird houses are a bad thing, per se. It's just that one hundred booths of the same thing gets old. Nothing here was the same, which made it exciting for people who attended.

Down the row. We had the best neighbors in the world Danny Mansmith who does the most breathtaking sewing/drawing/found art collage pieces, dolls, things to wear, quilts, books. And he draws too. Very talented person. At the end of the day he generously gifted me with two of his drawings. :) And I am going to buy the art piece of his, I stared at it repeatedly during the day.

His partner Alexis Ortiz was also there with Danny but didn't have any of his pottery or other art in the booth. They were absolutely delightful human beings and kept Steph and I going all day.
To the left. Was Julien Jaborska with his store Rebicyclist - Recycled Art & Accessories where he creates things from recycled bicycles. He had practical items like belts, and clip on key holders for your belt, to art items. His fish and octopus were amazing.

The day was long, but filled with interesting conversations and people. The rules of the outside world don't apply at ODDMALL. It was really wonderful meeting like minded people. I loved talking to everyone about our fat girl art and why I create what I do. Hearing people relate to my reasons for creating my ladies was very heartening.

My family was so helpful, Elise started out the day with Steph and I and then mom, dad, and Katie came for a while to eat at the food trucks and take a walk around to see all the booths. They then took a turn at Lady at Large so I could take a break myself and see some of the other artists there. I had some favorites. Like Stasia Burrington's Clementine and Laurie Noel Studio who was across and to the left of us...and whose art I looked at all day and pined for! She was nice enough to do an art trade with me. :) YIPPEE!
About 4:30 we were all exhausted and flagging then a band came out through the aisles and played for us, perking us all up again for the final push through until 6pm closing time.
I was exhausted and my head tremor was in full force as I packed up to go and haul things out to the car, but it was a great day I won't soon forget. I also won't forget the new friends we made. Steph drove me home in the rain and darkening sky and I tried to decide if I will do ODDMALL again. It was a very interesting and enjoyable time, but I'm not sure the work involved is worth it or not.

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